Tracking Wufoo Signups with PHP

Recently, I had to redo the how to germinate weed seeds page at my startup One of the reasons I had to do this is because the germinate seeds page had an extremely high bounce rate(90.2 %).

Most of the time, I just email my designer tell him what I want and a couple of days later I just upload the final product and I’m done, but this time I want it to do it completely different.

The reason I want it to do it differently is because, when I first set up the wufoo form that collects emails for the launch, I didn’t set up any tracking, I was basically just throwing blind traffic at the signup page without even knowing where the signups where coming from.

Every day I get about 10 email signups, and I have no idea where those signups are coming from. I know the email signup is being pre-sold by other pages,I have Google Analytics  installed and can see this pattern

landing page -> pre-launch signup page -> submit info -> confirm

but this is not good. You should know exactly what the intent of email subscriber is and where is he arriving before clicking to the pre-launch signup page.

Why should you know this?

This info will be extremely useful when I launch, let’s say that a user signed up coming from the og kush landing page, when I launch I will send targeted emails about growing og kush, hopefully this will increase the probability of a higher conversion rate . and thus more sales.

In order to track users with wufoo you got to do the following

  • Create a wufoo form or have an embedded form already
  • Add a text field to your wufoo form
  • Hide the newly created text field
  • Check if your form is ready or upload the modified form
  • Pass down values from landing page to form

Create a wufoo form/have an embedded form already

This is self explanatory, if you don’t know how to create a form just follow this tutorial 

Now in my case, I already had a form made and embedded in my site.


As you can see I have a form with 2 fields collecting name and email.

Add a text field to your wufoo form

Now in order to add a field, click on the Add A Field tab and then click on single line text under the standard section, a new field named Untitled should appear


Click on the Untitled field, and now you should be in the Field Settings Tab, go to Field Label and rename the field to Signup Location, now the the Untitled field should be Signup Location


Hide the newly created Text field

Hiding this text field is pretty easy, in the same tab(Field Settings), go to the bottom and under Add CSS Layout Keywords type the word “hide”


Click save form and you’re done .

Check if your form is ready or upload the modified form

Now if you used wufoo’s embed code, the form should be ready, you should have 2 fields visible and 1 field (Signup Location) invisible. If you want to be 100% sure, do a view source and look for the field Signup Location.

But in my case, I’m using the html version, so go the form manager and under your form click on the share button


Now go to the bottom of the page and click on the download html/css button


Now go ahead open the file, look for the form and paste it into your page.

Pass down values from landing page to form

Now in order to pass down the values you got to have a basic knowledge of php and html

All of of my links that go to the signup page are written with tracking in mind(I just never setup tracking out of pure laziness), so for example if you click the Call to Action in the og kush landing page you will link will be like this

What this means is that I’m passing down the value  “og” to the signup page,

Now in order to get this value at the top of the signup page I have the following code


$signupLocation = $_GET[‘value’];


What this means is that I’m “getting” the variable value and assignining it to $signupLocation, now everytime I use the variable $signupLocation it will display whatever value it assigned, in this case it will be “og”

Passing down get value to wufoo form

Now go to your wufoo form html code and look for your hidden field

In my case is this

<input id=”Field7″ name=”Field7″ type=”hidden” class=”field text medium” value=”” maxlength=”255″ tabindex=”3″ onkeyup=””       />

Now go to where it says value and type the following


<? echo $signupLocation; ?>


Code should now look like this  <inputid=”Field7″name=”Field7″type=”hidden”class=”field text medium”value=”<? echo $signupLocation; ?>”maxlength=”255″tabindex=”3″onkeyup=””       />

What this code is doing is echoing(or printing out) whatever value $signupLocation had, in this case is the value “og”

Now if you reload the page and view the source, the form should look like this

<input id=”Field7″ name=”Field7″ type=”hidden” class=”field text medium” value=”og” maxlength=”255″ tabindex=”3″ onkeyup=””       />

That’s it you’re done, everytime someone comes from the og kush landing page or any other page , the sign ups the value will be tracked.


O.penVape – Marijuana’s Billion Dollar Company

A couple of weeks ago, CNBC aired a documentary called “Marijuana in America: Colorado Pot Rush”. This documentary was your “typical” marijuana documentary. It talked about the people making money out of the legalization of marijuana such as marijuana dispensaries, tour companies, vaporizer and edible companies, it also featured the political side like Colorado’s governor John Hickenlooper and the opposition such as Greeley’s Chief of Police Mr. Jerry Garner and Greeley’s Mayor Mr. Tom Norton. But one of the things that caught me was the segment on O.PenVape.

According to O.penVape Chief Revenue Officer Todd Mitchem, O.pen Vape sells around 270,000 cartridges per month in Colorado, Washington, and California and according to him, O.penVape should be a billion dollar company in the next 2 years.

O.penVape’s Numbers

O.penVape cartridges sell around $60. If you calculate O.penVapes’s monthly revenue based on Mr.Mitchem’s numbers you could say that O.penVape makes around $13 500 000 per month, which is amazing  considering Colorado is the only state with a recreational marijuana market. O.penVape revenues should explode once dispensaries in Washington are allowed to sell to the recreational market. And with a possible recreational legalization in Alaska, Oregon and California O.penVape should be well positioned to dominate the marijuana vaporizer niche.

Is O.PenVape going to be the first marijuana billion dollar company? Who knows, but one thing is for sure, the odds are in their favor


High Times Interviews Mexico’s Former President Vicente Fox

Yesterday, High Times Magazine interviewed Mexico’s former president Vicente Fox Quezada.

Some of the things Mr. Fox talked about was…

  • War on Drugs is a total failure on both the Mexico and the US
  • Thinks Portugal and Holland Drug Policy is splendid
  • Learned about the US medical marijuana movement in the US by visting growers, business men, in Colorado and Washington State. And sees something that he likes.
  • A lot kids are being killed in the drug war in Mexico, 40 a day
  • Wants to move marijuana business from cartels to businessman, which will now be excellent for the goverment, because now they will have to pay taxes.
  • Citizens should be informed regarding marijuana.
  • His highest priority is to stop violence in Mexico
  • Because of NAFTA, legalization in Mexico will improve the chances of legalization in the US
  • Talks about how alcohol, cigarettes and obesity being more dangerous than cannabis.
  • Approves of medical use of cannabis towards cancer patients.
  • Has discussed with several entrepreneurs the movement of cannabis from prohibition to regulation.
  • Wants to start a project costing several millions of dollars on marijuana research to show true findings.
  • Indigenous Mexican people use peyote and other herbs for medical uses and he is sure cannabis has some of them too.
  • Not a user, but respects that everyone should have their own voice.
  • Marijuana should be regulated better than current alcohol and cigarettes regulations. Washington State is the state to follow regarding regulations.
  • Regulation is the key, in ethical and moral terms.
  • Governments do not have the right to interview in anyones mind, consciousness until they affect thirds parties
  • Praises Steve Jobs, calls him the “Einstein of the 21st Century”
  • Prohibition does not work, sets Chicago as an example. Al Capone etc..